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ASCII File Viewer

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ASCII File Viewer

ASCII File Viewer is all-cases-needed application for Android, which is capable to open all unknown text file types, among which is the ASCII format. In general, ASCII File Viewer is very useful tool, when you deal with the rare file format. As you can investigate yourself, the 1st, diz and faq files, for instance, in Android are compatible only with Microsoft Word and Google Docs utilities, and there are no other apps which can handle these specific extensions. Although in Windows you can apply Notepad in order to open any text file, in Android the presented applet serves for the same purpose.

Primary ASCII File Viewer features

The described product contains the embedded file browser, which you can use in order to open the selected file object. Moreover, you may apply the “Complete action using” pop-up layout form, which displays the corresponding ASCII File Viewer option. It is really helpful if you desire to open a single file not referencing to the directory list with the hierarchical tree of folders structure.

If the size of the proper text file is quite big, the File Viewer manages memory resources in order to obtain fit performance in processing of the file items by the reader. This specific feature makes the product unique, as far as on the mobile platforms reading operations over the text files has always been a bottleneck.

Despite the positive feedback from the users, the application has a few notable bugs, which are soon expected to be fixed. Nevertheless, the module successfully handles with designated tasks and works with high degree of stability.

Although the description says, that the app is entirely compatible with any text file formats, we checked only the operations with ASCII files, and the result was positive. If you can’t install MS Word or Google Docs in order to open the rare format, try to download ASCII File Viewer for free and make effort to apply this tool in appropriate way.

Format compatibility:

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