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LiT eBook Reader

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LiT eBook Reader

LiT eBook Reader is an ultimate program solution for Android and iOS, designed to get access to several hundreds of free books as an exclusive member of LiT subscription. With this tool you will be able to open and read any books compressed into the lit format. The LiT eBook Reader mobile applet contains an enormous library of most anticipated releases, so you won’t feel frustrated while working with the utility.

Primary LiT eBook Reader features

  • Unique reading experience. The internal library contains both contemporary and classic works of the well-known and accustomed authors. In addition to that, you may receive configurable suggestions of the book, that you might like, based on your preferences and the authors you follow. Also the product contains internal micro-transactions, where you may acquire the miscellaneous books of dozens of genres you like;
  • Designed specifically for you. The e-reader has been developed considering your reading preferences and favors. The visual part of the product is totally responsive with sharp text and bold and rich colors that transforms reading into a comfortable and luxurious experience. The swipe opportunities make reading process as easy as a pie;
  • Customization. In scope of the project you may configure colors, font type and size to suit your personal predilections as the best;
  • Navigation. You may create your private notes, highlights and bookmarks in any line of the book for later reference. Miscellaneously, the swipe option will be quite helpful;
  • Search functions. With a single tap apply search through your personal library or the entire collection of books in the database.

Download LiT eBook Reader for free and enjoy the unforgettable moments of reading your favorite masterpieces with maximal convenience and accommodation. The application supports the lit format exceptionally.

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