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Book Designer

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Book Designer

Book Designer is an e-reader with accustomed, similar to all basic program tools designed for electronic books reading interface. The opportunities of the tool are quite modest, although the applet successfully handles all the principal text formats, and serves not only for reading, but also for modification and creation of them. The Book Designer program is quite easy in application not only for IT-experts and sophisticated users, but for amateurs and novices as well.

Primary Book Designer features

The first thing that should be mentioned, is the distribution of the applet. The app is totally free and is shared between the web-portals absolutely with ease. The reason for such a condition is a freeware license of the product, so for you downloading of the utility is just a matter of minimal effort.

Another important option is a high level of compatibility. Via this tool you can create and edit the files, stored in all the popular text formats. In such a way, the Book Designer utility can be considered not only as e-reader, but it contains several basic features ranked among the word processor.

The visual part and GUI-components cannot be blamed thanks to the approach which has been selected by the developers and designers, where each pictogram on the toolbar is located exactly on the position, where it has to be. In such a way, all the relevant operations can be performed in a bare second in totally transparent and intuitive way.

In order to have a look at the utility personally, you will need to download Book Designer for free from one of the software portals or the web-mirrors. On the basic acquaintance with the applet opportunities you will spend literally half a minute.

The tool successfully operates with the mentioned below text extensions: lit, prc, pdb, fb2, tcr, html, htm, doc, rtf and txt.

Format compatibility:

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