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Microsoft Reader

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Microsoft Reader

Microsoft Reader is a freeware electronic books reader, which is included into the Windows 8.1 distributive. Regarding the Windows 10 release, an official page in the Windows Store is available, where you can get the Microsoft Reader app for free as well. In addition to version for Windows, the special builds are available for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile OS correspondingly.

One notable peculiarity of the applet is that it perfectly handles the DRM-protected books. These electronic books can be downloaded from online stores after acquiring.

Primary Microsoft Reader features

Regarding the miscellaneous options, that Microsoft Reader provides, the following should be mentioned: the product is capable to open the LIT-files, which is the extension of Microsoft Compressed HTML Help format. Most of these books contain DRM-protection as well.

One more interesting functionality is based on ClearType technology. The essential predestination of this widely used add-on is improved readability on small screens, doodling and highlighting designed for effective searching, text notes and note-taking. Moreover, the distributive of the application for Windows contains the TTS (text-to-speech) plugin, which enables the books to be read out with the ordinary voice application.

On August 2012 the developer company announced that the use of the .lit format for e-books is discontinued. Nevertheless, this format is still supported considering the fact that no new books compressed with .lit extension are published anymore.

If you are going to make an attempt to apply this product in daily work, just select the appropriate language and download Microsoft Reader for free from Windows Store. The program tool has a high degree of compatibility with lit, pdf and xps file formats.

Format compatibility:

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