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Les Hardy RTF Editor

Free App
Les Hardy RTF Editor

Les Hardy RTF Editor is one of the simplest word processors for Linux. Despite the interface of the tool is quite primitive and lucid, the applet is still compatible with all the vital text formats, including RTF. One more notable LES Hardy RTF Editor feature is that the utility should not be installed, just run the exe-file from the product folder and enjoy the essential program tricks and opportunities.

Primary Les Hardy RTF Editor features

In general, the interface of LES Hardy RTF Editor is similar to Microsoft Word prior to 2007 release. Here is the common list of the app capabilities:

  • the embedded search function, which is applicable to the text;
  • undo and redo features;
  • the availability of all the relevant fonts families;
  • as usually, the user may highlight the text as bold, italic and underline;
  • mathematical expressions insertion;
  • alignment of the text to the left or right edge, as well as to the center;
  • basic operations with the tables: adding, modifying and removal of the columns and lines, as well as the individual cells;
  • the intuitive and transparent toolbar which contains all the important abilities. In case of need the user may add the miscellaneous buttons from the setup panel;
  • the easy-to-use and fit ruler, which assists to customize indentations and footnotes.

The utility is compatible with Ubuntu X11, 13 or 10 versions and also perfectly works on another Linux revisions: Mint, Debian, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Mandrake. What concerns the formats support, the application without any problems successfully reads and saves pdf, html, txt and rtf objects. In order to deal with this convenient text editor, just download Les Hardy RTF Editor for free from any of the accessible file servers, shared in the web.

Format compatibility:

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