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Atlantis Word Processor

Atlantis Word Processor

Atlantis Word Processor, formerly known as Atlantis Ocean Mind, is a text editor for Windows environment. The tool was developed by Australian company Rising Sun Solutions in the late 90’s. The most important peculiarities of the utility are its compact size (not more than 3 MB) and marvelous speed of the files processing. The user interface of Atlantis Word Processor is similar to the design of another similar program – Microsoft Word (prior to 2007 release).

Primary Atlantis Word Processor features

Further you may have a look at the short list of the essential product features and opportunities:

  • the operations with the documents, stored in the most popular text formats;
  • saving of any document as electronic book;
  • the “web-document” mode;
  • the support of the tabs for the processing of several documents in a single form;
  • compressing of the documents on-the-fly (for instance, .rtf format is compressed in ten times or more);
  • creation and management of all the components in the complex documents;
  • newspaper columns;
  • the adjustment of interline and interliteral distance;
  • upper and lower catchwords;
  • styles;
  • footnotes in the ending parts of the paragraphs or the whole text;
  • spell checking (all the major European languages are fully supported);
  • avoidance of occasionally typed repeated words;
  • auto-replace;
  • the extended clipboard options;
  • bookmarks;
  • backup copying of the files;
  • the technology of 256-bit encryption of the text;
  • fully customized menus, toolbars, hotkeys, colors and sounds;
  • sending of the documents through e-mail.

The product will be especially suitable for those of the users, who appreciate compactness and speed while handling the office documents. In order to try applying the tool in daily work simply download Atlantis Word Processor from the official web-site and enjoy its style and high degree of comfort.

The applet supports reading of the files, stored with noted below text extensions: docx, doc, rtf, txt, odt and wri. In addition, the utility is capable to record the html and epub file objects.

The free alternatives to the program: OpenOffice Writer, LibreOffice Writer, AbiWord.

Format compatibility:

Download Atlantis Word Processor